Shindaiwa has a long heritage of customer satisfaction.

Shindaiwa manufacture products to suit the environment in which they will bused and the job they will be doing, and each piece of equipment is as durable as they can make it. They test their products in punishing conditions to ensure that they are capable of whatever user demands from them. So even if you don’t use Shindaiwa equipment professionally, the products you buy are already being used by people who do.

Since their beginning decades ago, Shindaiwa have been focused on designing and building highest quality products for people who depend on them to make a living. Everything they made was commercial grade and performed to the highest standards.

To this day Shindaiwa power equipment has stayed true to that direction. The brand is synonymous with high performance and durability around the world. This is proven time and again by testimonials from commercial customers who use their products under extremely harsh conditions. After years of reliable use, they come back for another. Why? Because of the consistent quality and dependability they have come to expect.

Shindaiwa is a leading brand of professional quality outdoor power equipment, with a focus on high performance, efficiency and dedication to quality.

For over 50 years, they have given professional users optimum performance and durability with comprehensive customer support, and over the years as customers needs have changed, so has their product line.

Shindaiwa products have been acclaimed for their high-level performance in field and ranging from agriculture, forestry and the management of green spaces through to industrial machinery.

You know that the equipment designed in Japan will be reliable. Well built. Dependable. Professional. Durable. Japan is the home of technological craftsmanship and the nation has won international respect for its manufacturing expertise. This global standard also extends to the equipment Shindaiwa manufactures and they are proud to be counted among these companies that help maintain a reputation for the quality of its engineering and technology.

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