Maruyama Earth Auger

Maruyama Earth Auger

A high torque, high powered state-of -the-art 50.2 cc engine built into a robust frame which is extremely portable and designed for one man operation makes this earth auger one of the most versatile on the market. Ideal for various types of fencing jobs or planting trees, this lightweight high powered one man unit which accepts four different earth auger sizes will prove a valuable addition to your toolkit.

MAG500RS Earth Auger

Chrome Impregnated Cylinder: MARUYAMA commercial handheld products feature chrome impregnated cylinders giving them a longer life than a standard engine.
Reverse Start: An assisted start system which only requires about one-third the effort of a conventional starter system when the rope is pulled.
Worm gear transmission.
Augers which are sold separately are available in 4", 6", 8" and 10"
Engine protection frame and handle system.
Made in Japan

Maruyama Manufacturing Co. is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year! In 1895 the company was founded on a simple principle – to continue an unwavering commitment to produce durable, hardworking tools that are made to work for a living. For over a century, they have been defined by a bootstrap spirit with a passion for excellence. Maruyama manufactures extreme-duty, commercial grade power equipment and sprayers for the agricultural and landscape industry throughout the world. People who depend on their equipment day in and day out should demand the best and that is what we provide.

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