Greenfield Mowers – Zero Turn Rideons (ZTR)Greenfield Mowers – Can Your Mower Do This?Greenfield Chipper / Shredder DemonstrationMaruyama Brushcutter Demonstration

Greenfield Mowers – Zero Turn Rideons (ZTR)

Greenfield Mowers - New Fastcut Zero Turn (ZTR) Series

A Zero Turn Rideon (ZTR) Built tough to handle Australian conditions. Fabricated cutting decks with recessed front openings for a clean one-pass cut in long grass. Heavy duty disc and spindles with swing-back blades. Standard 3mm fully powder-coated chassis reinforced to 4mm in stressed areas. Fitted with premium quality Briggs & Stratton Professional Series engines. All models fitted with Hydro-Gear EZT® Transmissions.

The following models feature as part of the Greenfield Zero Turn Rideon (ZTR) series:


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Greenfield Mowers – Can Your Mower Do This?

Greenfield Mowers - Built Tough For Australian Conditions

Australia has some of the toughest mowing conditions in the world and Greenfield Mowers are built to handle just about everything, from the beautifully manicured lawn to the tougher more demanding terrain that other mowers couldn't even dream of attempting. Greenfield Mowers really are "Built Tough For Australian Conditions"

Watch this video demonstrate a real life scenario of a Greenfield Ride On Mower plow through heavy grass - almost like a mini slasher! Though extremely tough, Greenfield Mowers use innovative technology throughout their design to give customers not only a rugged machine, but one that can also provide a manicured cut.

Greenfield Chipper / Shredder Demonstration

Greenfield Chipper/ Shredders

The superior Greenfield chipper shredder turns fresh prunings, fronds, small branches, organic garden and kitchen refuse, manure wet or dry and paper into valuable mulch. The Piecemaker is a no flail shredder so there is nothing for vines, stringy bark or palm frond cords to tangle around.

  • Large no rust zinc coated hopper to accommodate garden material up to 20mm with foliage
  • Substantial drive boss is securely locked to a hug 35mm sealed ball bearing which supports the crankshaft right down at the cutter disc
  • Independent 60mm branch chute feeds directly on to the high speed outer edge of the cutter disc
  • No belts to stretch or break from clutching
  • Briggs & Stratton Industrial/Commercial engines.
  • The chipper blades are special tough, high carbon steel. The blades are double edged reversible. These can be turned over or resharpened many times
  • Chipper disc is of a special semi high tensile steel and carefully balanced. It won't rust or crack with normal use
  • Chassis. All steel and rigid with a heavy powder coat finish. Metal parts are chrome or zinc plated
  • Mulch Catcher. A standard Greenfield lawnmower bag catcher is fitted. It is unaffected by the high speed delivery of the material and catches everything. It makes the handling of the garden mulch clean and easy
  • One year warranty against faulty workmanship and material for domestic use in recommended conditions

Maruyama Brushcutter Demonstration

Maruyama: extraordinary quality, rugged durability, superior performance. Tools built to work, tools built tough, tools built for you.

In 1895 the company was founded on a simple principle – to continue an unwavering commitment to produce durable, hardworking tools that are made to work for a living. For over a century, they have been defined by a bootstrap spirit with a passion for excellence.

Maruyama manufactures extreme-duty, commercial grade power equipment and sprayers for the agricultural and landscape industry throughout the world. People who depend on their equipment day in and day out should demand the best and that is what we provide.

We are extremely knowledgeable across the Maruyama range and can:

  • Listen to your needs before advising you on the best equipment for your task.
  • Help you pick the proper accessories.
  • Assemble, set up and test your equipment before you use it.
  • Stand behind the product warranty.
  • Provide a reliable source for accessories, parts and service.
  • Match the equipment to your application.
  • Know what attributes are important to you. Light, quiet, powerful, fuel efficient, low emission, etc.
  • Know what features are necessary in your region based on factors like length of season.
  • Insist on comfort and safety. Whether you or your crew operate the equipment, safety is paramount–comfortable, well balanced and smooth running equipment extends the productivity of your crew–and the life of your equipment investment.
  • Compare value: Cost should not be the only factor. Consider the features, the warranty, and the attributes that effect durability, such as chrome impregnated cylinders or full crank shafts or threaded, solid drive shafts. Consider the effects on productivity due to service related downtime and the effects on the bottom line due to “disposable” equipment.